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Fast Matrix Factorization for Recommendation Systems

Team Members: Zhewei Shi (zheweis), Weijie Chen (weijiec)

Project Webpage: https://zheweishi.github.io/15618-Project/



Final Report (pdf)

Project Schedule

Date Goal
10/31 Submit Project Proposal
11/03 Background Study
11/10 Serial Implementation of ALS
11/17 Parallel Implementation of ALS
11/19 Project Intermediate Checkpoint Report Due
11/22 Further optimization of ALS (Zhewei Shi), Experiment of ALS on movieLens(Weijie Chen)
11/24 Serial Implementation of SGD (Both)
11/27 Parallel Impelementation of SGD (Both)
12/01 Experiments on MovieLens (Zhewei Shi), Analysis and further optimization (Weijie Chen)
12/03 Online Learning Paper Reading & background Search (Both)
12/08 Online Learning Exploration (implementation and experiments)
12/15 Wrap Up and Final Project Submission